Korean Legation Restoration

In 2012, after 102 years, the Republic of Korea has reclaimed it's former embassy building, The building was first purchased by the Joseon Dynasty in 1891, and was forced to be sold for only $5 by the Japanese in 1910. Re-acquired for use as a tourist attraction and venue for Korean cultural events, it was decided to restore several floors to their 1910 appearance.

Vintage Hardware and Lighting was first contacted in June of 2016 to replace several of the building  1910 lighting fixtures. The catch,...no originals to use for patterns or measurements. Only a couple of old photos, taken shortly before the 1910 sale.  Vintage Hardware and Lighting accepted the challenge. Over the next 8 months our engineers and manufacturing team produced 36 finished fixtures in 16 different designs. Here are some of the results.

New, Dimmable LED Flat Panel Lights Provide Bright and Diffused Illumination while Conserving Energy

In recent years, an increased awareness of energy consumption has been an important driver for technological advances in lighting. LED lighting has already been around for some time, but the latest improvements have enabled this form of ‘green energy’ lighting to become both affordable and very applicable to a wider range of uses. LEDinfoPG1_noLogo_smaller Take for instance these new diffused LED flat panel lights that can be mounted in a variety of ways, and provide a much longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent bulbs. These LED light panels are available with dimmers that can be set from a very low, ambient glow (ideal for subtle lighting)– up to a very bright light (suited for a working environment). Unlike the common ‘tube lights’ based on fluorescent lights that frequently die out or may flicker – LED flat panel lights do not cause distracting flicker even when dimmed at any level. Video about LED Flat Panel Lights Unlike light bulbs or tubes mounted behind plastic or glass diffusion panels – LED flat panel lights function on their own as diffusion panels, and do not require additional diffusers or screens. Because of this, there are no obvious points of lights visible in the panels but rather a uniform surface of smooth and even light. Their physical form factor also opens up a new world of possibilities in terms of discrete or space saving installation. Measuring in at just ½ inch wide, the LED flat panels can be installed and hidden from view underneath shelves or under kitchen cabinets. They are also well suited for use as make-up mirrors or any work surface where a very even light is required. Our LED Light Flat Panels are available in different sizes and can be used on either 100 volt or 240 volt power supplies. Some panels measure 2 x 4 or 2 x 2 foot, and can easily be suspended into a standard ceiling grid in office spaces, stores, warehouses, or shops. Alternatively, the included brackets can be used to suspend the LED flat panels in a hanging configuration from higher ceilings. 2x4panelDISPLAY_noLogo_smallerEnergy consumption range from only 24 to 72 watts – without sacrificing light output, and the average lifespan is an impressive 50.000 hours. Contact sales@vintagehardware.com, or call (360) 379-9030 today for more information on LED Flat Panels.  

Vintage Switch Plate Covers

When restoring an old house, or planning the design for a new home decorated in an antique fashion – it all comes down to detail. Vintage switch plate covers and electrical outlet covers are often overlooked in this aspect – as most of the home’s lighting and cabinet hardware steals the limelight. But it’s amazing what a difference the seemingly simple things can make. Although you can find cheaply made (often made from lower quality, stamped metal) vintage switch plate covers and outlets at certain hardware stores – there is nothing like a properly recreated, solid brass or hammered copper light switch plate made to look identical to their antique originals. Shown below are just a few examples of Victorian switch plates, Art Deco light switch covers, and hammered copper Arts & Crafts / Craftsman style outlet covers. vintage_brass_copper_light_switch_covers_outlets_gfi_plates4e19 The earliest ‘proper’ covers made for light switches came around the time of World War I. Electricity was still fairly new and the first switches mostly served a practical function – with less regard for looks and safety. But switch plate covers soon became a necessity to protect people from touching live wiring – and with that came a need to make the light covers or electrical outlet also look appealing since they would be visible in every room. Vintage Hardware & Lighting in Port Townsend, WA recreates all the classic style light switch plates and covers from solid brass or hammered copper. Each product meets modern electrical standards and fit standard socket and plug sizes.

Custom Made Large Art Deco Streamline Sconce

In addition to the thousands of catalog items that we make, we also do custom work. Since we are a real foundry and machine shop, and not just a re-seller, we make custom hardware and lighting replacements of all kinds! We have customers come to us with ideas and requests about custom lighting. Most of the time we can take an old light fixture and use it as a sample to custom build for their request. 

Here is one of our recent custom projects made for a classic car dealership in New Jersey.

Art Deco Streamline Modern LARGE Sconce (26-BES-DL)

When we say “large” we mean LARGE.  Sometimes it is hard to picture a loosely interpreted term like that...so we asked one of our lamp technicians to please give us some assistance.  Ben is a bit over 6 ft in height.

Our fantastic “Streamline sconce” is one of the more unique Art Deco entries we have made thus far.  Made from Aluminum and zinc materials, it is a cooperation of many separate operations.  We have castings and spinnings and a few sheet metal fabrication operations as well.  All come together to

 form this lovely sconce.  The original sample came to us from Chicago and that antique had seen some pretty rough times.  We are happy to preserve this design and recreate its uniqueness.

It's large size is:

Overall height, end of finial to end of finial:  42".

Width:  12", which houses a 10" diameter acrylic shade.

Projects from the wall 14 1/2".

It is wired for two LED tubes (2 ft) for long life and less maintenance.  The LED tubes ARE included in the price of this light as we want to make sure you get the best quality that is out there.

Only made by Vintage Hardware.

Custom Reproduction Lighting

In addition to the hundreds of stock lighting fixtures that we manufacture, we also offer the option to have your own desired, or antique, lighting reproduced. Since we are a real foundry and machine shop, not just a reseller. We make custom replacements of missing antique hardware; and parts for lamps; sconces and chandeliers of all kinds. New construction projects calling for a special look and/or development of period product lines are one of our specialties. We even offer the newest “state-of-the-art” induction and/or LED output for commercial or home lighting projects.

We have reproduced special custom lighting for several customers.

This light to the right is a simple example of what we do. We produced and re-designed this torchiere for the Mississippi State Capital Rotunda restoration project. The antique sample was bought, at auction, in Philadelphia and shipped to us in Washington State. The request was simple: Make four copies of the light and re-design the fitter and socket from “bare-bulb” to holding a shade with UL standards.We made four UL reproductions for the restoration project. While the base parts were copies of the originals, the stem parts needed to be changed to allow the light to fit into existing alcoves in the rotunda of the State capitol building. The head and fitter parts needed to be totally redesigned from “bare-bulb” to up to date modern UL standards and energy efficient use. This light stands at 54 ½” and is topped off with our stock 14” opal glass globe.

Reproducing lighting is a mixed bag of difficulties. It can require a significant die investment, or very little, depending on the type of lighting involved. Good and plentiful digital pictures sent to us are usually sufficient for us to give a “ballpark” idea of what needs to be involved.

With custom work, sometimes a few parts that we already have molds or dies to make can suffice in an overall project saving custom costs. Other times, its not, if slightly different from the original, costs can be saved. And then, modifying the lighting that we already produce is also an option. If we can use the parts that we already have dies for, then significant savings will result. We will be happy to discuss your ideas when being creative with our existing lighting. Engineering costs are always part of a custom job but we try to keep these as low as possible.

The most expensive element in a reproduction light or design is glassware. It is always much cheaper to use existing available glassware from us or others. Glassware die costs are expensive since the dies required must be made from cast iron and then machined. In the case of blown shades, this is usually only one die, but in the case of pressed shades....a minimum of 3 dies must be made, for a rotary hydraulic turret casting machine. A glass maker normally does not accept an order for under 200 hand blown shades or under 1,000 pieces of pressed shades. Glass making is a serious undertaking, normally only used by manufactures

We work in mostly yellow-brass. We work yellow-brass either in our Sand Cast Foundry or in our Lost Wax Department. We also have a Sand Cast Iron Foundry. Yellow brass can be antiqued, and antiqued with a high/lo finish for a beautiful rustic appearance. Other finishes available are: satin brass, nickel-plated brass, oil rubbed bronze, antique pewter, and yellow-brass lacquered. All special order finishes are lacquer sealed. We also can work in silicon bronze and zinc if needed.

We do custom work for homes, hotels and condominiums, offices, etc. We also provide matching hardware to keep the theme throughout the remodel or restoration.

We have made custom hardware & lighting for such diverse customers as a single family dwelling on the plains of OK, to Disneyland in Hong Kong. From the movie Studios of Hollywood, to a museum in New York. We simply are a good contact for that “Special” project.

Visit our website at vintagehardware.com to contact us by telephone or email.

Vintage Hardware’s Custom Reproduction Pagoda Lights for Point Defiance Parks in Tacoma

    We have reproduced special antique lighting for several customers. Reproducing lighting is a mixed bag which can require massive die investment, or, very little, depending on the type of lighting involved. Metro Parks in Tacoma, Washington  came to us to have their vintage pagoda shape lights remade to replace ones that were unfortunately stolen, we couldn’t be happier to do the job. The Pagoda at Point Defiance parks  opened to the public in May, 1914, as a replica of a 17th century Japanese lodge, influenced by Japanese’s architecture of the Hare and Hare plan of 1911. Referred to as “The Car Station” the pagoda served originally a waiting room for streetcars, with restrooms and first aid facilities on the lower level. Architect Luther Twichell designed the new streetcar station in the Japanese "Pagoda" style, which was complimentary to the adjoining gardens. Later used as a bus station and then as a local for gardening clubs and floral displays, the pagoda was restored in 1988. It looks as much the same as it originally did, with some modern updates. We were requested to, and perfectly reproduced 10 of these lights with safe, energy efficient wiring, to replace Point Defiance Parks’ damaged and stolen Pagoda lights. Here is what the Historic and Cultural Resource Manager at Metro Parks had to say: “I just got back from PointDefiancePark and looking at our wonderful new light fixtures.  Vintage Hardware did a wonderful job reproducing our 1914 Pagoda light fixtures. The new fixtures maintain the design features and scale of the originals while incorporating modern, safe, and energy efficient wiring and bulbs. The Pagoda is going to look like new once these lights are installed to replace the originals stolen by vandals in 2010.  Thank you so much for doing such a good job. I can’t wait to see them up on the building.”  Melissa McGinnis Historic and Cultural Resource Manager If you are looking to have a custom light made or to reproduce an antique fixture  we are the people to see. With over 30 years of experience, you won’t find any other company that can give you the information, customer service and quality of work that Vintage Hardware and Lighting can provide.