Custom Made Large Art Deco Streamline Sconce

In addition to the thousands of catalog items that we make, we also do custom work. Since we are a real foundry and machine shop, and not just a re-seller, we make custom hardware and lighting replacements of all kinds! We have customers come to us with ideas and requests about custom lighting. Most of the time we can take an old light fixture and use it as a sample to custom build for their request. 

Here is one of our recent custom projects made for a classic car dealership in New Jersey.

Art Deco Streamline Modern LARGE Sconce (26-BES-DL)

When we say “large” we mean LARGE.  Sometimes it is hard to picture a loosely interpreted term like that…so we asked one of our lamp technicians to please give us some assistance.  Ben is a bit over 6 ft in height.

Our fantastic “Streamline sconce” is one of the more unique Art Deco entries we have made thus far.  Made from Aluminum and zinc materials, it is a cooperation of many separate operations.  We have castings and spinnings and a few sheet metal fabrication operations as well.  All come together to

 form this lovely sconce.  The original sample came to us from Chicago and that antique had seen some pretty rough times.  We are happy to preserve this design and recreate its uniqueness.

It’s large size is:

Overall height, end of finial to end of finial:  42″.

Width:  12″, which houses a 10″ diameter acrylic shade.

Projects from the wall 14 1/2″.

It is wired for two LED tubes (2 ft) for long life and less maintenance.  The LED tubes ARE included in the price of this light as we want to make sure you get the best quality that is out there.

Only made by Vintage Hardware.

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