Korean Legation Restoration

In 2012, after 102 years, the Republic of Korea has reclaimed it's former embassy building, The building was first purchased by the Joseon Dynasty in 1891, and was forced to be sold for only $5 by the Japanese in 1910. Re-acquired for use as a tourist attraction and venue for Korean cultural events, it was decided to restore several floors to their 1910 appearance.

Vintage Hardware and Lighting was first contacted in June of 2016 to replace several of the building  1910 lighting fixtures. The catch,...no originals to use for patterns or measurements. Only a couple of old photos, taken shortly before the 1910 sale.  Vintage Hardware and Lighting accepted the challenge. Over the next 8 months our engineers and manufacturing team produced 36 finished fixtures in 16 different designs. Here are some of the results.

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